Monday, November 16, 2009

Where did the time go???

I feel like my first semester of college has been going by pretty quickly…so quickly that I keep forgetting about this blog. Not as productive as I should be with it..yes.I know I must do better.

For all people who are interesting in buying handmade goods AND you attend UNC at Greensboro && or live in Greensboro. A fashion organization (THREADS) that I am involved in will be selling these items. They will be available to everyone Nov.17,18 and 24th in the EUC from 11-2pm. 20% profit goes toward the artist and 80% goes to the organization. It would be greatly appreciated if you could help out and support THREADS.

We have some really awesome events planned for next semester (2010). There will be a UNCG Fashion week from April 5-10th.

We are also preparing a really nice Spring Fashion Show that will be held on March 19th and 20th @ CVA gallery downtown Greensboro. (200 N. Davie Street). It is going to be a great event and I don’t think anyone would want to miss this.



Aside from all the college work and involvement on campus. I’m am also beginning to think about what I really want to do with my major (Consumer, Apparel and Retail Studies) and really focusing on what is expected to succeed. A college student should not have the mind-set of a 9th grader or even a 12th grader. Those were the years when we all HAD to take stupid classes and half of them we asked WHY and WHAT the purpose was to learning those things. In College, every action you put in to play matters. It’s not like high school. You can slack off and end up passing but you can’t risk any slip ups in college. The better you prepare yourself and take your education seriously the quicker you get OUT. The classes you take in college ARE RELEVANT to your life and what you want to do with it. There is no more complaining about why your learning these things. The difference between college students and High School students is that college students want to be in college to become more educated and have an amazing career ……not all High schoolers want to be in hs…some don’t even want to have a high paying job…they feel ok with working at a fast food place or something in that nature…

That’s all for now…because I should be writing a paper..but instead I’m doing this.


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