Friday, July 24, 2009

The Start of something *New*

Sooo...this is my very first blog post..

You know...its funny how i've had so many things on my "list of to-do's" that i wanted to venture out in doing...
prime example: Tumbling (cheerleading).

I wouldn't say that time wasn't on my side and that I was too busy to learn. I believe it was fear to fail that has allowed myself not to see what I am capable of.

What we all fear the most is fear itself.

For people...some more than others, we all have the ability to do whatever we set our minds to.In my opinion its not so affluent to break out of one's comfort zone.
There comes times when one feels like there has to be change to make their life more interesting.

I broke out of my comfort zone regualarly as i grew up. I played any and every sport in leagues at the YMCA..and in middle/high school. I made sure i was involved throughout the was a great feeling.I don't wanna bore anyone too much so i'll leave it at that.

I've wanted to create a Blog for quite some time now...again something that was on my "list of to-do's". I don't wanna sound like a wrecked record but this is another way for me to go far...and branch out from my comfort zone.

This blog will be full of opinions I have about life and beauty itself. The one thing that I am passionate about the most is Fashion. When I start college next month as a Freshman I will be moving one step forward into the life that will help me achieve MY dreams.

This blog will also be a way to let me vent on my transition from high school to college. I don't believe there is a set topic for my blog but the title speaks for itself...take it however you would like.

in other words::La prossima volta