Tuesday, August 25, 2009


soooo like...i created this blog to express myself daily and i have Yet to succeed in this wonderful opportunity..lmao.

ahhh...so I l0VE COLLEGE..who doesnt?

The atmosphere and the amount of freedom I have here at UNCG is ahhhmazing. There is so much to do here..so much to see and I plan to get involved in as much as possible. Thats the right way to go especially when i love meeting new faces.

I feel that this transition between high school and college wont be too difficult but so far...the amount of sleep i will get is timeless...I was up til about 230 last night reading...even though the assignment wasn't due today....i like to be ahead of the game. I work Now...and play later..I'm hear to learn first and party second.

I can get use to this and I'm looking forward to the rest of this semester...I loVe pretty much all of my classes and i've gotten to meet some wonderful people already...

I wanna type some more but i have some work to do....

soo...until next time..whenever that iss...