Thursday, March 25, 2010


Texture is one of the elements used in design.

The 1st picture to the right shows a very elegant dress that looks like it could have been created from coffee filters. This is why I chose the non-apparel item to be a coffee filter because the textures of both are rather closely related.

This 2nd picture is of a dress made of a rope-like material. When I first saw this dress it reminded me of double-dutch ropes that people jump-rope with which is my non-apparel item.

This 3rd picture is a picture of Rihanna wearing a Zebra print outfit. Of course I'm going to relate the texture of her outfit to that of an actual zebra because it shows the same hand texture from my viewpoint.

The 4th picture is a picture of Christina Aguilera wearing an elegant dress at an awards show. If you notice closer towards the bottom of the dress you can a kind of web-like fabric. This is why I chose a spider web for my non-apparel item because the texture is very much related.

The 5th picture is a picture of a dress with a whole bunch of black feathers covering a majority of it. This dress reminds me of feathers from a crow which is why I chose this as my example for the non-apparel items texture.

The 6th picture is showing a women in a velvety like dress made by Marc Jacobs. There isn't much that comes to mind when I think of velvet besides a velvet rope used on the red carpet.

The 7th picture is showing a women in a dress that is covered with actual peacock feathers. I chose the peacock as the non-apparel item because the texture of the feathers are the exact same.

The 8th picture is showing a runway model sporting a leather dress. The texture of this apparel item reminds me of the texture in cars that include leather seats.

The 9th picture is also showing a runway model who is wearing a dress that is fully covered with beads. What non-apparel item could you possibly think of besides what its made of? Maybe marbles but I chose beads because it exemplifies the texture of the dress.

The 10th and last picture is a picture showing a women wearing a fur coat. I chose the grizzly bear as the non-apparel item because the texture of the coat reminds me of one.


1. Zebra Texture

2. Velvety Texture

3. Peacock Texture

4. Beaded Texture

5. Leather Texture

6. Rope Texture

7. Coffee Filter Texture

8. Spider Web Texture

9. Fur Texture

10. Feather Texture

By:Kristen Crutchfield
APD-242 Project**