Thursday, March 25, 2010


Texture is one of the elements used in design.

The 1st picture to the right shows a very elegant dress that looks like it could have been created from coffee filters. This is why I chose the non-apparel item to be a coffee filter because the textures of both are rather closely related.

This 2nd picture is of a dress made of a rope-like material. When I first saw this dress it reminded me of double-dutch ropes that people jump-rope with which is my non-apparel item.

This 3rd picture is a picture of Rihanna wearing a Zebra print outfit. Of course I'm going to relate the texture of her outfit to that of an actual zebra because it shows the same hand texture from my viewpoint.

The 4th picture is a picture of Christina Aguilera wearing an elegant dress at an awards show. If you notice closer towards the bottom of the dress you can a kind of web-like fabric. This is why I chose a spider web for my non-apparel item because the texture is very much related.

The 5th picture is a picture of a dress with a whole bunch of black feathers covering a majority of it. This dress reminds me of feathers from a crow which is why I chose this as my example for the non-apparel items texture.

The 6th picture is showing a women in a velvety like dress made by Marc Jacobs. There isn't much that comes to mind when I think of velvet besides a velvet rope used on the red carpet.

The 7th picture is showing a women in a dress that is covered with actual peacock feathers. I chose the peacock as the non-apparel item because the texture of the feathers are the exact same.

The 8th picture is showing a runway model sporting a leather dress. The texture of this apparel item reminds me of the texture in cars that include leather seats.

The 9th picture is also showing a runway model who is wearing a dress that is fully covered with beads. What non-apparel item could you possibly think of besides what its made of? Maybe marbles but I chose beads because it exemplifies the texture of the dress.

The 10th and last picture is a picture showing a women wearing a fur coat. I chose the grizzly bear as the non-apparel item because the texture of the coat reminds me of one.


1. Zebra Texture

2. Velvety Texture

3. Peacock Texture

4. Beaded Texture

5. Leather Texture

6. Rope Texture

7. Coffee Filter Texture

8. Spider Web Texture

9. Fur Texture

10. Feather Texture

By:Kristen Crutchfield
APD-242 Project**

Monday, November 16, 2009

Where did the time go???

I feel like my first semester of college has been going by pretty quickly…so quickly that I keep forgetting about this blog. Not as productive as I should be with it..yes.I know I must do better.

For all people who are interesting in buying handmade goods AND you attend UNC at Greensboro && or live in Greensboro. A fashion organization (THREADS) that I am involved in will be selling these items. They will be available to everyone Nov.17,18 and 24th in the EUC from 11-2pm. 20% profit goes toward the artist and 80% goes to the organization. It would be greatly appreciated if you could help out and support THREADS.

We have some really awesome events planned for next semester (2010). There will be a UNCG Fashion week from April 5-10th.

We are also preparing a really nice Spring Fashion Show that will be held on March 19th and 20th @ CVA gallery downtown Greensboro. (200 N. Davie Street). It is going to be a great event and I don’t think anyone would want to miss this.



Aside from all the college work and involvement on campus. I’m am also beginning to think about what I really want to do with my major (Consumer, Apparel and Retail Studies) and really focusing on what is expected to succeed. A college student should not have the mind-set of a 9th grader or even a 12th grader. Those were the years when we all HAD to take stupid classes and half of them we asked WHY and WHAT the purpose was to learning those things. In College, every action you put in to play matters. It’s not like high school. You can slack off and end up passing but you can’t risk any slip ups in college. The better you prepare yourself and take your education seriously the quicker you get OUT. The classes you take in college ARE RELEVANT to your life and what you want to do with it. There is no more complaining about why your learning these things. The difference between college students and High School students is that college students want to be in college to become more educated and have an amazing career ……not all High schoolers want to be in hs…some don’t even want to have a high paying job…they feel ok with working at a fast food place or something in that nature…

That’s all for now…because I should be writing a paper..but instead I’m doing this.


Tuesday, August 25, 2009


soooo like...i created this blog to express myself daily and i have Yet to succeed in this wonderful opportunity..lmao. I l0VE COLLEGE..who doesnt?

The atmosphere and the amount of freedom I have here at UNCG is ahhhmazing. There is so much to do much to see and I plan to get involved in as much as possible. Thats the right way to go especially when i love meeting new faces.

I feel that this transition between high school and college wont be too difficult but so far...the amount of sleep i will get is timeless...I was up til about 230 last night reading...even though the assignment wasn't due today....i like to be ahead of the game. I work Now...and play later..I'm hear to learn first and party second.

I can get use to this and I'm looking forward to the rest of this semester...I loVe pretty much all of my classes and i've gotten to meet some wonderful people already...

I wanna type some more but i have some work to do....

soo...until next time..whenever that iss...


Friday, July 24, 2009

The Start of something *New*

Sooo...this is my very first blog post..

You know...its funny how i've had so many things on my "list of to-do's" that i wanted to venture out in doing...
prime example: Tumbling (cheerleading).

I wouldn't say that time wasn't on my side and that I was too busy to learn. I believe it was fear to fail that has allowed myself not to see what I am capable of.

What we all fear the most is fear itself.

For people...some more than others, we all have the ability to do whatever we set our minds to.In my opinion its not so affluent to break out of one's comfort zone.
There comes times when one feels like there has to be change to make their life more interesting.

I broke out of my comfort zone regualarly as i grew up. I played any and every sport in leagues at the YMCA..and in middle/high school. I made sure i was involved throughout the was a great feeling.I don't wanna bore anyone too much so i'll leave it at that.

I've wanted to create a Blog for quite some time now...again something that was on my "list of to-do's". I don't wanna sound like a wrecked record but this is another way for me to go far...and branch out from my comfort zone.

This blog will be full of opinions I have about life and beauty itself. The one thing that I am passionate about the most is Fashion. When I start college next month as a Freshman I will be moving one step forward into the life that will help me achieve MY dreams.

This blog will also be a way to let me vent on my transition from high school to college. I don't believe there is a set topic for my blog but the title speaks for itself...take it however you would like.

in other words::La prossima volta